Way of the Visionary

Way of the Visionary

As a Leader, you begin to see the bigger picture with clarity and detachment. You see the integration of all parts coming together to unify and balance. This is needed for healing the organizational system to bring about the transformation needed to rise to the next level. of effectiveness and performance.

Way of the Warrior

Way of the Warrior

The Way of the warrior comes to you at a time where our entire planet is experiencing challenges in leadership.

It is time to shift into a new paradigm of leadership that brings in the Feminine principle to offer a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies. 

The Feminine Essence will be activated through exercises, breathing, and experiential activities. We will explore the feminine through work with energy, ecstasy, empowerment, and effortless ease. The Feminine Warrior knows her mind, body, and spirit are one and aligned. 

This Compassionate Leadership Series – Way of the Warrior, stands for a strong work ethic where walking on purpose, we stay in alignment with strong CORE values.

In this course you will develop the courage for:

Radical Truth


Aligning Values


Unlimited Resources

Unleashing Creativity

Way of The Teacher

Way of The Teacher

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.

What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself. There is a spark in you, you’ve just gotta ignite the light and let it SHINE.

Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity.​

What you’ll get out of this Masterclass:




  • Self-Care to Self Confidence
  • Belonging- Compassionate Leadership: the Way of the Teacher is an Instrument for Change.
  • Radical self-awareness – through guided meditations and soul journeys
  • Radical self-love and acceptance 
  • Tree of Life – Deep Exploration to Honor your Past
  • Storytelling
  • Shadow Work
Way of The Healer

Way of The Healer

Learn how to be a compassionate leader and grow through difficult times.

Leadership is not simply something we do. It comes from somewhere inside us. Compassionate Leadership is a process, an intimate expression of who we are. It is our being in action. Our being, our personhood, says as much about us as a leader as the act of leading itself.

What you’ll get out of this Masterclass:

In this 2 hour Masterclass, you will learn about what is known as the Leadership Diamond.

You will learn to identify and implement:


Having a clear vision of what it is you are trying to create as a result of your effort is essential to being able to know how to apply the other points of the diamond. 


Ethics, as it is used in the Diamond model is more than behaving within the law. The Diamond uses this term to describe an attitude of care and empathy for humanity, and how our actions affect others. It includes our ability to dedicate ourselves to the well being of another human being.


For me, courage is the action point of the Diamond. It takes courage to face the challenges that stand between today’s reality and the vision of the future. It takes courage to change the status quo. It takes courage to move when others are against you. It takes courage to begin to change.


Being connected to the real world is essential for success. You cannot live in a fantasy world. You must face the realities of today – the moral, financial, legal, and physical realities. You cannot pretend that realities do not exist. However, once you are grounded in reality, you can begin to see the steps necessary to deliver on the vision you have in mind.

You will also learn…

Polarities- Conflict and contradiction are part of life. The world is filled with cases where you will be faced with polarities – conflicts between two ideals or choices. What you will discover is that the world is not black or white, good or evil, right or wrong. You soon find that the world is composed of polarities where both cases are valid – it is black AND white, it is good AND evil, at the same time. Balancing polarities is part of mastering the Leadership Diamond.

Greatness- This is perhaps the most difficult of the basic concepts of the Diamond. To me, greatness comes about when a person has pushed the points of the Diamond to their maximum extent. When your vision is as grand as you can make it, when your ethical base is as strong as possible, when you are aware of all of the realities surrounding you, and when your courage is at its peak, you can achieve greatness.

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Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally. The success strategies assist you to identify your strengths and challenges so that you move beyond obstacles with multiple pathways for action. Leadership Development for individuals and organizations to promote the growth and development of individuals within the workplace.

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Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally.