Compassionate Leadership

Way of the Teacher

The process of learning and teaching is universal.

Shamanic traditions believe that wisdom is flexible and fluid, never positional; the human resource of wisdom is accessed by learning how to trust and how to be comfortable with states of not knowing. Trust is the container out of which the qualities of wisdom grow – clarity, objectivity, discernment, and detachment.

Wisdom is at work when there are non-positionality and openness to options not considered. Mother Teresa recognized that it is the teacher’s way to use trust as an instrument. She said, “I feel like a pencil in God’s hands…God writes through us, and however imperfect instruments we may be, he writes beautifully…He deigns to work through us. Is that not marvellous?”


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Attention Fellow Leaders & Teachers

The scintilla is the smallest spark of light within one’s soul. It is the eternal flame that burns deep inside. When we tune into our deep Self, we can feel the light and even see the golden glow. The Goddess figure Hestia represents the internal hearth and holding sacred space. 

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.

What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself. There is a spark in you, you’ve just gotta ignite the light and let it SHINE.

Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity.​

What you’ll get out of this Masterclass:

In this 2 hour Masterclass, you will learn about what is known as the Sacred space of Teaching. You will learn to identify and implement the four pillars.



The desire for continuous learning allows us to seek enlightenment and shares that desire and light with others. As teachers and thought leaders, we always shine the light on others. Use joy and laughter to bring a higher frequency for learning. We learn new ways to infuse joy into our lives.



A positive attitude to connect with others and share from a place of confidence, integrity, and empowerment. 



Courage is an action of the heart center.  It takes courage to face our own challenges and more to extend our courage to another. 

Being connected to the real world is essential for success. You cannot live in a fantasy world. You must face the realities of today – the moral, financial, legal, and physical realities. You cannot pretend that realities do not exist. However, once you are grounded in reality, you can begin to see the steps necessary to deliver on the vision you have in mind.



Life experience is our greatest teacher. Through experiential activities, we will recreate significant times of our lives and learn rituals to honor our ancestral past. Bringing to light both the shadows and the shiny mirrors, we learn to dance with our reflections in a way that empowers.

You will also Learn…

Self-Care to Self Confidence A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning. What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself. There’s a spark in you, you’ve just got to ignite the light and let it SHINE. 

Belonging- Compassionate Leadership: the Way of the Teacher is an Instrument for Change.

We discover and Honor all past teachers, mentors, guides along the way 

Honoring all ancestors who came before you and are a strong link in your DNA, as to who you are today. 

Everyone in Life is a teacher. When open and growing, we are both teachers and learners. 

We will explore types of teachers as influences of your life: 

  • Those who show you something new 
  • Parents 
  • Those who are assigned to you 
  • Those you seek and select 
  • Those who are role models your heroes

Radical self-awareness – through guided meditations and soul journeys

Radical self-love and acceptance Essential Self Transformation occurs when you become, forgiving and clear on your intentions, responsibilities, and choices. Willingness to drill down below waterline Peel the layers of the onion until you get to the inner core. Every layer reveals more transparency forgiveness.

Tree of Life – Deep Exploration to Honor your Past fragmentation where are your wounds and broken branches? Deep Listening Activity: Ancestral Roots. Who are you most alike? What in you came from your ancestral teachers? Nutrition: Lifeline of teachers Everything you are learning needs to be taught Journaling.

Reflection: Prayers Learn as parents from children Nature Experience.


Imagination is the spark that ignites the fire of creativity. You will learn to write and tell your story as a powerful tool for self-transformation and a teaching tool for others.

Cave Art and symbolism. The Art of Storytelling Telling your story Must approach with the learner’s mind…mindful inquiry.

  • Sitting meditation Turning inward Inner Sage 
  • Shadow Dance 
  • Clearing blocks and ancestral patterns
  • Cutting Cords 
  • Triggers are teachers 
  • Life lessons 

Shadow Work

The soul, body and mind become integrated as one with no fragments of parts.

There is nothing hidden in closets or swept under the rug. Huge responsibility to bring out vulnerability to see all in shadow.

As you continue this work, more is revealed and results in more clear transparency.

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Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally. 

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