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About Janet 

From a young age, I knew I had a special mission. I always felt my uniqueness and strength. As I grew through life stages, I flourished in movement and physical expression. I knew that when I was feeling low, my energy would surge when I rode my bike, ice skated, danced, ran, or swam. I have always had a passion for learning and teaching, yet in a very hands-on sort of way. I knew that the way I was being taught was not how I learn best. I creatively found exciting ways to learn and explore the world around me.

I came from a family grounded in rich Hungarian tradition. My ancestors journeyed across the Atlantic at young ages, leaving their familiar lives in search of something new. They were farmers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists. They grew beyond limiting beliefs and made tremendous growth through all of their life challenges. They modelled for me a hard-working standard with relentless perseverance to create the life of my dreams.

During my early twenties, I survived a near-death experience that blinded me for several days. As the light slowly returned, I saw new colours, shapes, and forms as though I was looking through a Kaleidoscope.

With the return of my vision, I began to see life through a new lens.

I felt more connected to a spiritual reason for living. I knew that to be healthy, happy, and fully present, I needed to give up things that no longer served me so I could focus on what truly mattered for me. I went from only striving and driving toward goals that I thought would please family…being a “do-er” to adding my heart and soul into the mix as a “be-er”. I learned to stop merely striving and began thriving beyond seeking approval. My whole life purpose became clear and completely changed from a false sense of self toward creating a purposeful vision.  As a result, I shifted everything in my life. I changed habits, beliefs, and values, which led me to live a life on purpose.

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What Others Say About Janet

I highly recommend Janet Ver as a life coach.  I’ve been privileged to receive Janet’s coaching for the last six months!  As I’m going through a major life transformation, Janet’s skill set has allowed me to embrace my transition with less fear, much more peace, and at times, jubilation.

Janet helped me let go-release. She helped me understand that I am not my house and I am not my former company, as an independent sales and presentation skills coach. This may sound obvious, but it has been powerful for me. As I let go, I am starting to create my new life. Janet removed boulders for me. These beliefs that I was my home and my company created fear and resistance to move forward. I was clinging to the banks of the shore.  Not now! I see what can be and what can be possible as I let go and evolve.

At the age of 70, I’m just now retiring from my work as a presentation skills coach and looking to move across the country so I can downsize and start a new life. This is a huge step for me. It’s a major passage in my life.

As, Oprah Winfrey said, “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”  Janet has counselled me to examine my fears and reframe my negative beliefs, so I can embrace life changes, thus evolve.

Holly C.

My story


Balancing Mind – Body – Spirit and reaching higher consciousness became powerful pursuits to my happiness and well-being.

From my innocent ‘flower child’ days, I embraced the healing power of nature, found magical ways to energize my spirit through a lifestyle of simplicity, beauty, and balance. I found my Vision – Energy – Resourcefulness in this process.


Coupled with my years of teaching and counselling with indigenous cultures, I learned to strike a delicate balance between the sacredness of the earth and wisdom found in nature.

The experiences working with Native tribes defined and strengthened my sense of self, values, morals, and ethics that are woven into the fabric of traditional beliefs.


I experienced a shattering of my own dreams and disillusionment when my marriage crumbled and my role shifted to the sole financial supporter of a family.

I faced my greatest terror! I continued to grow through the path of changes, setting new academic and career goals of action, as I reinvented myself a number of times along my professional path.


As more life challenges came my way, I made deep decisions toward change by pursuing advanced degrees in areas that I believed would make a difference to society, as well as support and inspire my sons. For many years, I worked multiple jobs in constant stress about our current situation.  


As I travelled down my career path, I kept hitting the glass ceiling in the corporate world.

It often felt unjust when I was passed over for positions I was more than qualified for, and I became frustrated when positions were denied me due to perceptions that defined and limited me rather than honoured my skills and expertise.

For many years, I juggled 3-4 jobs to make ends meet, trying to find a way to level the playing field with my male counterparts. After years of fighting through the corporate jungle of high promising offers and positions that didn’t pan out, I persevered through changes to create a rich, magical, and fulfilling life that continues to unfold my dreams. 


Even with advanced degrees, I kept hitting dead ends. However, I made a decision to continue to grow through the pain of change. I refused to give up nor surrender to a life that did not meet my expectations. I became creative in my pursuits as I innovated powerful programs to support my goals and transform my life. 

Today, I coach you with my wealth of experience, wisdom, training and love as you weave your own unique tapestry.

With me as your Transformation Coach by your side, we can unfold your dreams and create the life you’ve dared to dream! I want to be at your side when you come to believe that life really is meant to be lived “Happily Ever After”! 

Just as the wave of a wand transformed a simple pumpkin to an amazing coach, your life can begin to burst with seeds of potential that keeps growing with a sprinkle of your own magical formula. I am dedicated to inspiring you to create the life path of your dreams and guide you as you journey toward your most fulfilling potential NOW! My passion for women and men going through similar life-altering situations taught me to gracefully create and hold a sacred space for the vulnerability that is necessary to grow past pain and fear in order to flourish. 

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Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally. The success strategies assist you to identify your strengths and challenges so that you move beyond obstacles with multiple pathways for action. Leadership Development for individuals and organizations to promote the growth and development of individuals within the workplace.

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Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally. 

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