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Growing Through Changes | Transform Your Life & Capture Your Brilliance

The “Growing Through Change” programs were created for you if you feel ready, excited and serious about bringing deep change into your life. 

Are you ready to finally transform your life?

You will see the magic unfold as you create changes in all areas. You will experience both your personal and professional life transform into alignment and magnetizing your desired goals! No regrets as you age gracefully through your life! You will be seen and recognized as your most authentic self!

Imagine how it feels: 

  • To be respected for your gifts and talents.
  • Be paid what you’re worth! 
  • Having the time to nurture yourself and enjoy living stress-free! 
  • A designer career, designed by YOU! Working smarter not harder!
  • Quality family time together! 
  • Healthy fulfilling relationships! 
  • Knowing that YOU simply are more than enough!


Begin the journey to unfold the life of your dreams.

Just as a pumpkin can magically turn into an elaborate coach with the whisk of a wand, you, too, can transform your life. Pumpkins grow from a tiny, plain, white, seed into big, beautiful pumpkins. True abundance! They are packed with potential! Just as no two pumpkins are alike, each unique individual carries seeds of potential for reaching their distinct dreams.  Each pumpkin is filled with seeds, which burst with potential to create amazing creations of myriad sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, a style unique unto itself. They are a celebration unto themselves as they follow their life cycle. Seeds germinate, sprout, blossom, and mature to fullness attached to a meandering vine.

 As humans, growing through stages and changes throughout the developmental process, on the meandering vine of life, we are, also, full of myriad seeds of possibilities. We are pregnant with potential awaiting maturation. Sometimes, we are unable to recognize the seeds of our own potential, often our creativity becomes thwarted, at other times, we fear challenges and threats that seem to come our way and hinder our growth.

 Whether it be an illness of self or a loved one, a change in living situation, the loss of a job, a divorce, or a move to a new location, changes can be anywhere from difficult to devastating…often even immobilizing. 

Coaching Packages to help you transform your life & Capture your brilliance

With a variety of neuro-reprogramming techniques, an understanding of multi-dimensional field theories, and over 25 years of expertise in working with individuals, groups, and organizations, I will guide you to discover your own transformational tools, to awaken and manifest your dreams, as well as, how to maintain and sustain high levels of change that allow for continuous growth toward reaching your full potential.

As we climb up life’s mountain together toward self-actualization, you will find it easier to embrace change, manage conflict, turn chaos into creativity, and stagnation into growth with mindfulness and passion.

Yoga Aliance
Create a Thriving Life Story
Fielding Graduate University
Antioc University
Accredited Coach Training Program
University of Pheonix

The 90-Day STARS Leadership Program™

There’s nothing worse than feeling disempowered and lost in a career that you worked so hard to attain.  It takes all of your energy which leaves you depleted and unable to fully enjoy any area of your life.
Together, we will dive into what makes you unique.

5-week Deep Change GROUP coaching experience

This program will allow you to develop into that “Peak Performer” who feels fulfilled professionally and lives a balanced and happy life.

30-Day STARS Intensive Program

This Intensive allows for a slower process of continuous unfoldment as you open yourself to deep change and discover your most authentic self through a variety of integrative therapies. Diving deep to the roots of the inner self, we discover the path toward full potential.

How my story may help you...

Growing Through Changes | Transform Your Life & Capture Your Brilliance

What our clients are saying!

I immediately felt a sense of lightness and wellness, like a load was taken off my shoulders. The past year of working with Janet has inspired me to make major shifts in my personal and professional life.

~ Heidi C.

I first did yoga in 1995 and since then had been searching for another yoga class on and off for over 20 years. I had been to many classes over the years and realized that yoga is really all about the teacher. So, I’ve finally found my teacher. She is amazing, knows yoga backwards and forwards and actually conducts the class for her students, not to show them how she can do all the poses better than they can like some other teachers I’ve experienced. If you’re searching for a class that helps with particular issues as well as makes you feel energized that next morning.

~ Emily. J.

I thank goodness I found Janet! She has helped me tremendously with fitness, eating correctly and my overall self-esteem. She inspired me to look at the beauty in my life and as a result, I started doing my art again. The knowledge and care she exudes to her clients is just amazing!!!

~ Carol T.

I’ve worked with Janet 6 months now, the materials are challenging and entertaining. The action plans she creates are both effective and adaptable to any lifestyle. Would highly recommend she’s is a great Coach!

~ Ben W

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Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally. The success strategies assist you to identify your strengths and challenges so that you move beyond obstacles with multiple pathways for action. Leadership Development for individuals and organizations to promote the growth and development of individuals within the workplace.

Would you like to…?

Transform to Your True Potential…

and Capture your Brilliance!

Create the Life of your dreams. Work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy! Leadership Coaching is a process that offers a one-on-one relationship with a certified life coach to provide undivided and full attention to assisting you to create the life of your dreams both personally and professionally. 

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